Jesse Plymale

During my undergrad days, I studied Koine Greek for 3 years. Koine is a simplified form of Ancient Greek which was spread throughout the empire of Alexander the Great’s conquests, and which was the common language for centuries after that. It is, among other things, the language which the New Testament was originally written in.

Unfortunately, despite all the hard work and time I spent learning Koine Greek, I didn’t keep practicing it and so I grew extremely rusty. In December 2013, I decided that it was “now or never”, and I decided to relearn what I had forgotten.

One difference this time: I’m learning Attic Greek this time. It is the primary dialect of Greek that was used prior to Koine. My understanding is that Attic is a superset of Koine–so hopefully I’ll have the ability to read Koine plus Attic texts. At least, that is the plan!

I plan to organize these later.